Katie and I cannot thank you enough for your absolute professionalism throughout the preparation and performance of our wedding ceremony.

It was truly a pleasure getting to know you and for you getting to know us. You were very patient listening to our desire to keep our day respectful, yet relaxed and lighthearted. You spent the time getting to know us from June to October, as it allowed us not to get pigeon-holed into someone else’s ceremony. We did not want a ceremony to overshadow our wishes to fully share our love for each other with pomp and circumstance that would have made our day a stuffy and forgettable experience. With our thoughts and your guidance, our wishes were fulfilled.

Everyone who attended our ceremony was delighted with how smoothly the ceremony went, and how you blended in, not only with Katie and me, but with our guests.

We thank you greatly for your attentiveness, good spirit, and kindness. You helped make our day the special day we hoped for!

Jim and Katie

“Tom officiated our wedding 13 years ago and helped us prepare for marriage with premarital counseling. During the ceremony Tom was professional but not so serious my guests would fall asleep. He did a great job walking us through the ceremony during the rehearsal and patiently reminded us of anything we forgot during the actual ceremony. In the hustle and bustle of preparing on our wedding day, our itineraries, with a song we had planned to have our guests sing with us, got lost. Tom did a great job improvising and still including it for us by discussing what the song meant to us in our marriage. We were so happy to have Tom officiate our wedding. He did a great job!”

Jay and Mandie

“My husband Ryan and I met Tom when he became the pastor of our church. In the months leading up to our wedding we gained a lot of respect and love for Tom. He has a great sense of humour and always did his best to make everyone feel welcome and accepted. When it came time for Ryan and I to choose someone to officiate our wedding, we knew right away that Tom was the perfect choice. Premarital counselling was made fun and interesting with Tom. He always made it very easy for us to ask questions and we were always very comfortable talking to Tom about any concerns we may have had. Tom made our very special day even more special by being our officiant. We are very blessed to have had our pastor (at the time) and very good friend, officiate that very special day in our lives!”

Ryan and Krissy

“Our wedding was the first wedding that Tom ever officiated. Along the way he spoke openly to us about things that we, being a young couple, would grow from hearing. As the day closely approached, there were situations that arose with our families and Tom stood beside us and spoke boldly on our behalf when we asked for him to. It allowed for us to have peace of mind and stay focused on what we desired the day to be about. His fun loving, genuine ability to be compassionate and caring while speaking the truth in love, truly helped to make our wedding day quite a beautiful memory. We are very thankful he was able to share in all the ways he did with us on our wedding day.”

Phil and Jody (quite happily married almost 18 years)